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Our Solution

Proven track record in the global wellness and advanced Clinical Therapies markets

We are an international, clinically published health navigation firm with experience influencing healthcare care infrastructure in global markets. As Canadians, we know how to use infrastructure and entitlements to create the health economic business case for implementing healthcare innovation across industries, including corporate, health systems and the military.


The acceleration of innovation in one industry requires the synergistic collaboration from multiple industries. Thus, effective change in one industry drives evolution in many.  This is where Zymonetics proven track record delivers.


At the core, we are an accelerated growth model for access to accountable care practitioners, regenerative science, technology and benefits plan design that delivers on clients desire for choice.


Our Impact: UCEED3 - User Centric Embodied Education, Designation, Delivery and Discovery

Leading the way through UCEED3 supports both client and physician managers via 3 solutions:

  • Prescription for Wellness

  • Heal Through Play 

  • COPE: The Canadian Overcome Pain Evaluation

Our focus is to provide gamified, immersive, experiential education combined with empathy, entrainment, and fun. Stakeholder engagement is held at the center of integration---offering the  ability to redesign what we know about "patient" care and transform how we think about healthcare. We believe the most effective employer and employee outcomes manifest from a culture of empathy, compassion and co-operative compliance.


​We explore performance health through custom designed environments combining regenerative science, functional medicine with innovative technology. 

Our deliverables include specialty reimbursement for all our services

Our Values

  • Evidence-based regenerative science and performance health strategies 

  • Expand the concept of wellness to where people live, work, learn and play

  • Commitment to research and the quality of health: state change from "dis-ease" to wellness and optimum health

  • Collaboration, Empathy, Innovation, Excellence

  • FUN


Culture of Caring

Our organizational focus is to be innovative, empathetic and transformational, each and every day.


Our discovery process will transform what it means to be human through research, evidence-based methodology, and technology.


The future of regenerative performance science in the workplace is here

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