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Recent Projects and Precedent Technologies

Recent Projects

2018 Consultant - Innovation in Eldercare - Wellness Suites - first assisted living health condo with a 15,000 sq foot biohacking center of excellence for elders

2019 Speaker - Brock University Reimagining Healthcare Symposium - Our Right to Self Determination

2020 Steering Committee - Copenhagen Institute of Future Studies - Canada Health 2030 - Read Scenario B - Collaboration for Healthy Living. Find contributors on page 59

2020 Steering Committee - Global Stakeholders - Soaring with Roche

2020 Diabetic Prevalence and Susceptibility to Pandemic in Racialized Groups: Mitigating Future Harm - STEM Fellowship undergraduate Big Data Hackathon Finalist

2021 Speaker 1st CanEX Psychedelics Summit - Psychedelic Wellness in St Vincent and the Grenadines -Hon. Deputy Prime Minister, and Minister of Agriculture Sabato Caesar

TBD Jamaica/JACCRI invite to address JAMPRO, policymakers, etc Harvard/MGH Centre on Genomics, Vulnerable Populations, and Disparities in Care

Precedence Technologies

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