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The future of regenerative performance science in the workplace is here

Unwellness at work is costing corporations $2.2 trillion annually. Companies that focus on workplace performance outperform those that do not by 3:1. 



As a clinically published interdisciplinary health team powered by reimbursement and market access consultants, Zymonetics bridges the knowledge gaps in clinical application, research, and education to expand the definition of wellbeing and performance.


By focusing on regenerative science, in a user centric education and immersive program, we aim to:

  1. combine the best high performance tools with physician managed health plans, executive corporate wellness, occupational health and training 

  2. strike a balance between tech and touch,

  3. customize modern nutrition,

  4. leverage information and analytics,

  5. connect the dots to truly understand the burden of disease and mental health challenges that lead to chronic pain - primary cause of absenteeism in the workplace and workers' compensation claims. 

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